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January 6, 2014 Launched a new replacement electronic newsletter - WIMS Daily Environmental HotSheet
October 1, 2013 Suspended all publications and relocated corporate office to Interlochen Michigan
April 26, 2013 WIMS is undergoing an update of the EcoBizport website. This update will take place over an extended period of time.
April 22, 2011 WIMS EcoBizPort Environmental Information Portal Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary
April 21, 2011 3 WIMS Blogs Ranked In Top 50 By LexisNexis
April 20, 2011 WIMS launches vast 24/7 Environmental News Blogs network
April 14, 2011 WIMS launches new, improved REGTrak Federal Register Tracking -- fastest method available
January 15, 2010 Redesigned homepage to be more functional and made some updates throughout the site. Feedback welcome: info@ecobizport.com. Tell us what you think.
December 30, 2008 Major update and reformat of EcoBizPort.com homepage (easier, quicker, user-friendly)
April 18, 2008 Major update of EcoBizPort.com homepage
December 2007 Launched companion Great Lakes Environment Blog
December 2007 Launched companion Environmental Appeals Court
October 2007 Launched companion Environmental Federal Register Blog
November 8, 2006 Published 2006 Michigan Draft "Short List" Part 111 Hazardous Waste Management Rules
November 5, 2006 WIMS launches Massachusetts v. EPA Supreme Court Special Report
November 2, 2006 WIMS launches Duke Energy Supreme Court Special Report
November 1, 2006 WIMS launches Rapanos Supreme Court Decision Special Report
August 7, 2006 WIMS launches eNewsUSA Blog
June 1, 2006 WIMS Specialty Issue Pages Provide Links & News
April 8, 2006 Update: EcoBizPort.com Is #1 Environmental Business Portal
Novembe 25, 2005 Many updates and links added to Specialty/Issue pages (click here).
November 20, 2005 Posted Draft Annex 2001 Implementing Agreements -
The Compact
(click here); The Agreement (click here).
November 2, 2005 News Release: Association Environmental Federal Register Service
August 25, 2005 News Release: Association Environmental Information Services
August 24, 2005 News Release: Regeulatory Tracking For ISO 14001 Managers
October 19, 2004 Added Special Report on Environmental Disposal Systems (EDS), Romulus, MI
August 2, 2004 Added Special Report on Michigan Supreme Court Environmental Decisions
February 6, 2004 Added U.S. EPA's Jan 6, 2004 Memo on Wood Mulch Produced From CCA-Treated Wood
January 20, 2004 Added Governor Granholm's Water Message to the Michigan Legislature
January 4, 2004 Added Nestle/Ice Mountain v. Michigan Citizens for Water Conservation Special Report
November 3, 2003 Added MEPA Supreme Court Amicus Brief
November 1, 2003 Added Minnesota Homepage
October 22, 2003 Added MEPA Amicus Brief of Wm. Milliken, et al in Sup Ct. National Wildlife Federation, et al v. Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company and MDEQ
July 21, 2003 Added Great Lakes Restoration & Revitalization Special Report
July 2, 2003 Added Michigan Ozone Area Designations Special Report
June 2, 2003 Added Working Draft Hazardous Waste (Part 111) Rules, May 2003, Special Report
May 19, 2003 Added West KL Avenue Health Consultation Issue Special Report 
April 2003 Update EcoBizPort.com Michigan homepage
April 2003 Updated EcoBizPort.com Main homepage 
April 2003 Added Canadian Waste Import Issue Special Report
March 24, 2003 Governor Granholm's Veto message to the Senate re: SB 0195 Detroit Water & Sewer Operations
March 20, 2003 New MDEQ Reorganization Memos & Chart Posted 
February 19, 2003 Updated MDEQ Reorganization Special to reflect Director Chester changes of Feb. 13
February 11, 2003 MDEQ Director Steve Chester Responds To Confirmation Questions On Issues & Policy & Committee Statement
January 16, 2003 MDEQ is proceeding to withdraw Part 201 Guidelines
December 8, 2002 Posted Dow Chemical Company Midland Area Dioxin Issue Special Report
November 25, 2002 Posted New Source Review (NSR) Special Report
November 25, 2002 Added Fishbeck, Thomposon, Carr & Huber (FTC&H) To Corporate Sponsors
August 29, 2002 Posted MDEQ Reorganization Special including Harding Memo & Detailed Org. Charts
August 26, 2002 Revised & Upgraded EcoBizPort Environmental Classifieds Page... Includes Classified Categories
July 15, 2002 Added new resources to Research & Publications Resource Center
June 1, 2002 Added Google Search capabilities for Internet & Site (click here)
March 7, 2002 Midland Area Dioxin Studies Posted
June 26, 2001 News Release: WIMS/EcoBizPort Announces Free Environmental Classifieds e-Service
May 29, 2001 News Release: WIMS/EcoBizPort Announces Final Rule Notifier (FRN) Free Email Service
April 20, 2001 News Release: New Information Resource: WIMS Launches EcoBizPort
February 28, 2001 Added new Main Homepage entry page to resolve Federal & State information conflicts
January 30, 2001 Added Site Search Engine
January 12, 2001 Updated Associations & Organizations Resource Center
January 10, 2001 News Release:  WIMS To Launch EcoBizPort
December 15, 2000
EcoBizPort first announces that it will be launched soon & is now seeking advertisers and sponsors


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