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WIMS - Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. - WIMS
Innovative Environmental Information Services Since 1980

News Release 



News Release 
Association Environmental Federal Register Service
Comstock Park, Mich., November 2, 2005 -- Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS), an environmental information company, has announced a new service package for Associations to keep their members up to speed on daily environmental Federal Register announcements.
Jeff Dauphin, WIMS President said, "This is a great program to jump-start an Association's membership campaign, and to keep exisitng members feeling good about paying their dues. Attorneys, consultants, EH&S Managers, local government officials and others need to know what's in the Federal Register each day. This service can put the information in their inbox every day in a format that allows them to determine within seconds if there is someting they need to be concerned with. And, we've kept the price at one fixed rate that any Association can afford."
For a $1,200 annual fee, WIMS will deliver its standard daily REGTrak Bulletin to a State or Sub-State Association each morning at about 7:00 AM EST. The Association is then free to redistribute the Bulletin to its members that have requested to receive it. There are no maximum or minimum numbers of participants and no other hidden costs. It's a valuable service that any Association can afford to provide to its members. As affordable as it is, the option exists for the Association to seek member sponsorship(s) for the service and in return include their banner ad as a header in each issue for a year or portion of a year. The Association may also include its logo or text message as a header to the Bulletin.
WIMS has been providing the REGTrak service to individual clients on a subscription basis since 1996. REGTrak is designed to save users time and obtain the information they need by the fastest possible means.  A unique issue index and coding systems allows users, within seconds, to determine if there are announcements that they deem to be critical or timely.  There is no other government or private Federal Register tracking service that can make this claim. REGTrak summarizes all of the nationally applicable environmental announcements from U.S. EPA and other agencies; gives users the information they need to quickly assess the importance of each announcement; and provides the active links to the full-text of the announcement. Complete information on the service and a sample REGTrak Bulletin is available at: http://www.ecobizport.com/RegTrakAssoc.html.

WIMS is willing to work with any State or sub-State Association to get this service in place for their members. If there are questions or concerns regarding procedures, technology, or overall implementation of the program we are very flexible and willing to work with associations through a trial or start-up period to get the service up and running. National Associations may also participate; however, some details may be different depending on the nature of the association.
WIMS has been providing innovative environmental information services to consultants, attorneys, EH&S managers, TSDF operators, state regulators and local government officials since 1980. For those wishing additional information or references please contact WIMS directly. In addition to its REGTrak electronic information service, WIMS also maintains the comprehensive environmental business portal, EcoBizPort.com (http://www.ecobizport.com/), and publishes two daily environmental briefing reports -- WIMS Daily and eNewsUSA; and the bi-weekly Michigan Waste Report. Further details, including recent issues of newsletters and background information are available on the website.

Source: Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS)
Environmental News & Information since 1980
Publishers of Michigan Waste Report, REGTrak, WIMS Daily & eNewsUSA
Jeff Dauphin, President
767 Kornoelje Dr. NE, Comstock Park, MI 49321-9537
Phone: 231-408-2868