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Corporate Headquarters

c/o Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS)

Interlochen, MI 49643

E-mail: info@ecobizport.com

Corporate Management

Jeffrey L. Dauphin, Chief Operations Manager

Mr. Dauphin has served as CEO of Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS) and its former affiliate organization Waste Systems Institute of Michigan, Inc. (WSI) since 1980.  Mr. Dauphin has a Civil Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University and was previously employed with Williams & Works consulting engineers and the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (1969-1979).  WIMS and WSI produced Michigan's leading environmental information newsletter -- Michigan Waste Report from1981 to 2013.  Other services and products have included numerous environmental and waste management informational materials, conferences and educational seminars.  WIMS produced three daily environmental information E-mail services: WIMS Daily; eNewsUSA, REGTrak (Federal Register tracking).  WIMS produces four major blogs: eNewsUSA, Environmental Appeals Court, Great Lakes Environment, Environmental Federal Register. WSI was the 1987 recipient of the Governor's Environmental Excellence Award for Hazardous Waste Management Information.

Contact: Corporate Headquarters above.
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