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EcoBizPort.com is one of several environmental information and news services provided by Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS) [See below]. The site was launched on Earth Day 2001.

The site is designed to be a homepage or major resource center for environmental professionals. It is a top down site, starting with major interest categories and working down to more and more details. It is also structured to provide details and functionality to users from specific states; issue interest areas; and industry/business sectors. The site is sponsored by WIMS and is funded entirely by WIMS and its corporate sponsors. It is offered as a public service and information resource to the environmental community. We are continually seeking new corporate sponsors, that receive and array of advertising and information service benefits, to assist in the financial support of this site.

Getting you to the information you need. . .

The goal of the site is to get the user to the information with the fewest number of clicks possible. The site is an evolution of environmental information, technical experience and Internet resources.  We focus these components into a functional environmental business portal for use by the professional environmental manager.  The site continues to evolve and develop over time. 

IAs the site continues to matures we believe it provides an unparalleled opportunity for integrated advertising, service/facility marketing and information management throughout the environmental community.

We have many ideas and plans for improvements and enhancements to this site, however, we welcome your thoughts, suggestions and comments.  We also welcome inquiries regarding corporate sponsorships and possible areas of collaboration with other companies, organizations, institutions and individuals.

Email us at: info@ecobizport.com


More About WIMS

Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS) is an environmental information and research firm that has been providing strategic information to the environmental business community since 1980.  Over the years WIMS has provided a variety of environmental information services to many individual subscribers including attorneys, consultants, EH&S managers, TSD operators, local government officials and the 600 members of the Michigan Bar Association, Environmental Law Section.  

WIMS provides access to environmental information, news and resources. Our clientele are ISO 14001 businesses, environmental managers, consultants and attorneys; state and local governments and NGOs.

Effective January 6, 2014, WIMS is now focused on one, daily publication -- the WIMS Environmental HotSheet (Michigan & National editions)

In the past WIMS published three daily environmental subscription news services:

        WIMS Daily for Michigan users;
eNewsUSA for national and international audiences; and
REGTrak daily Federal Register tracking.
WIMS also published the bi-weekly
Michigan Waste Report from 1981 to 2013.

WIMS continues to publishes four environmental blogs:


WIMS also operates this comprehensive environmental business Internet portal – EcoBizPort.com.

Jeffrey L. Dauphin is the founder of Waste Information & Management Services, Inc. (WIMS) and its former affiliate organization Waste Systems Institute of Michigan, Inc. (WSI) and has served as CEO of both companies.  Mr. Dauphin has a Civil Engineering degree from Michigan Technological University and was previously employed with Williams & Works consulting engineers and the West Michigan Environmental Action Council (1969-1979).  WIMS and WSI have produced Michigan's leading environmental information newsletter -- Michigan Waste Report -- since 1981.  Other services and products have included numerous environmental and waste management informational materials, conferences and educational seminars.  WSI was the 1987 recipient of the Governor's Environmental Excellence Award for Hazardous Waste Management Information (click here for Mr. Dauphin's resume). 

For further information on WIMS environmental information and news services see: Email Services

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